We've know for a while now that rain was going to be coming down on Halloween night, but should it put an end to trick-or-treating?

Several Massachusetts and New Hampshire towns are already rescheduling their Halloweens.

Believe it or not, several places are moving trick-or-treating to Friday or Saturday night instead of on Thursday during the rain.

Most of the towns are in Worcester county and they say the reasoning is to keep the kids safe.

With the darkness and the rain combined, it could presumably lead to accidents on the roadways that could otherwise be prevented by moving trick-or-treating night.

And yet I find myself saying "really?" This is still New England right?

We see all sorts of weather and all times of the year. I, for one, really do not like the idea of cancelling things because of the weather.

It seems to me that is just teaching our kids to only go outside when there are perfect conditions. And honestly, we barely ever have "perfect conditions."

Shouldn't we be tougher than that?

I do get the safety first aspect though. And admittedly the rain will make it tough for drivers to see kids on the road.

Personally I plan to stick to side streets that have sidewalks for trick-or-treating on Halloween. We'll also all have flashlights and I'll probably wear my husband's reflective work vest too.

So what's your plan?

Are you prepping for a rainy Halloween?

Will you try to find the indoor activities instead?

Or is postponing Halloween until the weekend a great idea?

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