Campus police are investigating after gunshots were fired at UMass Dartmouth early Sunday morning.

Campus police say initial reports of the gunshots were made around 3am Sunday in the campus' Cedar Dell area. Campus police responded, finding no evidence of gunshots. The noises were chalked up to fireworks.

However, later that day, witnesses came forward with evidence indicating that gunshots were fired. The shots caused damage to three vehicles in a Cedar Dell parking lot.

Campus police say the case is under investigation, but the campus is secure. Nobody was injured.

Complete statement from UMass Dartmouth Department of Public Safety:

Timely Warning-Shots Fired

Late this afternoon, the Department of Public Safety confirmed that multiple gunshots were fired in the area of Cedar Dell. The DPS had received an initial report at approximately 3 a.m., and responded immediately, but found no evidence of gunshots at that time and the reports were attributed to fireworks. A preliminary investigation at that time failed to confirm either fireworks or gunshots being discharged. No witnesses were available to provide further information.

Later this afternoon witnesses came forward with evidence indicating that gunshots were fired, causing damage to three motor vehicles at a Cedar Dell parking lot. There is no indication that anybody was injured. The case is under an active investigation and the campus is secure at this time.

Anyone who may have information concerning this crime or any suspicious behavior should contact DPS immediately at508-999-9191, use the silent witness line at 508.999.8477, or fill out the confidential form at