As someone new to the area, and always looking for something to do, I often look at hiking or the beach as a budget-friendly form of entertainment. It was a few weekends ago that I learned that Westport's Gooseberry Beach is one of the most popular places for people to walk with kids and dogs.

Someone also pointed out to me that hunting is legal there, which was shock a bit of a shock to find out.

Since it is shotgun season right now, people are advised to wear blaze orange when they are out hiking. I assumed that was for walking in the woods, and would never think I'd need to wear orange or worry about hunters while on the beach. I'm the person who leaves his car to go to the grocery store, then runs back to the car because I forgot my mask. Now I have to remember my orange hat or sweatshirt?

The Division of Wildlife explained all information about hunting at Gooseberry on the site. After reviewing the page, there is a lot to read and digest. It's very important that you read and review before you go out, whether you are a hunter or even just a beach walker.

At a minimum, if you plan on going for a walk, know that it is legal to hunt until Dec. 31 so you should wear appropriate clothing, and remain alert at all times. If you do feel the need to call the Division of Wildlife yourself, know that you will be directed to the website for details.

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