Sharky's Cantina owner JB Blau maintained his happy-go-lucky attitude after paying out roughly $30,000 worth of Sharkey's Cantina gift cards.

In a follow-up to our Friday story on the Rock and Fox Show, Sharkey's Cantina paid out roughly $30,000 worth of gift cards last night after the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl LIII by more than four points. Hear him update the Rock and Fox Show the morning after the Super Bowl right here:

As we told you Friday, owner JB Blau slapped down a Facebook bet after the Patriots lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the regular season. Blau told all of Facebook that anyone who "liked" his post about the Patriots would win a $250 Sharky's gift card at their annual Super Bowl party if the Patriots won the game by at least four points.

He told Fun 107 on Friday that he was rooting for the Patriots to win by three, and for much of the game, that was exactly the score: Patriots 3, Rams 0.  However, the Rams tied up the score in the fourth quarter, then the Patriots scored a touchdown and iced the game with another field goal in the waning moments of the game. The Patriots beat the Rams 13-3 in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time.

It was regarded by much of America as one of the most boring Super Bowls of all time, but for the guests at Sharky's, that wasn't the case. They all went home with $250 gift cards. Those that couldn't attend the party, but "liked" the post, were awarded at $50 Sharky's gift card.

Grand total? Roughly $30,000 in gift cards.

That's a lot of tacos.


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