Three days after the Steelers beat the Patriots following the horrific loss to the Dolphins, JB Brau, the owner of the Sharky's Cantina restaurants on the Vineyard decided to do something bold.

JB went on Sharky's Facebook page and pledged that if the Patriots win the Super Bowl by four or more points, everyone who "liked" the post would win a $250 gift card to the popular restaurant. Needless to say, 472 people liked the post, leaving Sharky's on the hook for $118,000 if the Patriots win the game by four or more.

So why did he do it?

"I don't know, I was just depressed by the Pittsburgh game and I wanted to change my attitude, my friends' attitude, and my guests' attitude," he told Fun 107.

When Jordan's Furniture has done similar promotions in the past, they had taken out an insurance policy.

"Yeah, 'cuz they're smart," joked JB. "We called the insurance company and they gave us a ridiculous offer, it was too expensive. They wouldn't take our four-point spread, they said the Pats are too good."

And if they actually win?

"We're gonna give away a lot of money, but people will be respectful, people will be good about it," said JB.

Regardless of the Sharky's promotion, JB is still hoping for a Patriots win.

"Pats by 3, baby," he said. "Pats by 3."

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