You know shark season is in full swing when the beaches start to get shut down.

Yes Virginia, there are sharks in the water.

I think most Massachusetts residents are aware of this fact and presumably play things safe during the summer months. But maybe it's the tourists that need these warnings?

Whoever they are aimed at, the sharktivity reports are out there in full force.

Personally I avoid the ocean water until late August or September because it is too cold for my liking, but plenty of people are beach bound this weekend and may want to know where the shark sightings are.

And thanks to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s app, you can track the sharks all summer.

So if you want to avoid them - or see one - you'll know where they'll be.

So far there have been reports of sharks in Wellfleet, Orleans and Chatham with Marconi Beach in Wellfleet already getting shut down for an hour on Tuesday when a great white was seen 40 feet off shore.

Obviously the warnings will be out there for the 4th of July weekend. I imagine with alcohol comes more dumb behavior around sharks. But whether you like them or fear them, they are pretty cool to watch.

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