It is always heart warming to see a celebrity act like a human being but when that said celebrity takes the time to be an advocate and an activist for something as serious as Alzheimer's like Seth Rogen has it can truly take your breathe away.

As someone who has a parent with a disease who's fate can be both inevitable and crippling it moves me to my core to watch as Seth Rogen gives a speech in front of a Senate subcommittee to discuss the need for further awareness and support against Alzheimer's. Seth's speech was both witty and informative as he began to speak about the personal experiences he faced as he watched his wife's mother-in-law fall deep into the effects of Alzheimer's which ultimately brought Seth and his wife Lauren to start a cause called "Hilarity for Charity" which 18 colleges have become apart of.

Sadly only two senators attended the hearing which Seth Rogen held which can only confirm his idea of Alzheimer's research not being a priority with our government. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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