Who knew Tom Brady even drank beer? Apparently he does and he does it well. The QB took on Stephen Colbert in a beer chugging contest and like most things he does...he dominated.

Brady was on Monday night's Late Show with Stephen Colbert with his newly shaved head to talk about the TB12 Method, but things took a quick turn when the topic of drinking came up.

Tom had literally just been saying that he rarely drinks beer and that alcohol should only be consumed in moderation, when Colbert pulled out two beers and plopped them down suggesting they drink them down.

Brady then suggested making it a contest, eliciting a joke from the host about whether or not TB12 was a "competitive guy."

As if we didn't already know he was, drinking a beer quickly turned into a chugging contest and Brady slammed his down in astonishing speed.

Tom barely lifts the glass and his beer is down that hatch...that is kind of impressive.

Looks like he's enjoying the off season!


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