There will soon be a very cool new way to get from Boston to New York.

A vote last Thursday by the Boston Planning and Development Agency will allow Boston Waterboat Marina’s license to accommodate seaplanes and I for one am psyched.

Starting as early as March, Cape Air is going to be the exclusive provider of these seaplane flights to NYC during the one-year test period approved by the agency.

Personally this sounds like the coolest way to get from Boston to New York. And obviously the least amount of traffic.

And with four flights each day between the two major East Coast cities, you'll be able to get there at all hours of the day.

Flights will take about an hour (so it's gotta be the quickest way to the city too) and will set you back about $400.

Yes, that seems among the priciest way to get to New York as well, but it would be such a cool trip.

Taking off from Boston Harbor, literally on the water and landing on the East River near Waterside Plaza. How fun!

Seaplane operators will have to check in with ferries in both locations each month to talk about how the flights are working, any logistical issues and other concerns between the two.

All-in-all it sounds like the goal is to keep these flights going as long as the prove to be feasible for all other modes of water travel too.

If you want to take one of these inaugural flights, start checking in with the Cape Air site this March to find out when the seaplane travel will begin.

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