For those that know me, I love DIsney. I was taken there many times as a child, and now I get to take my own child there all the time.

We have a vacation coming up soon and my daughter and I are talking about it a lot. We like to talk about all the rides. She likes to "plan' out our days there and pick the order of the rides we go on.

There are some ride that I have been on probably a hundred times. Here is my top 5 list of Disney rides that I love dating back to 1978, which was the first time I went.

  • 5

    Spaceship Earth

    I like this one just because it is what Disney is all about. If this ride is shut down, it will ruin the vacation!

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    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

    This is another can't miss. It may be the best coaster in Disney.

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    Splash Mountain

    There is a long line, but it is a Disney tradition, like every ride!

  • 2

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    If you don't ride this ride, you shouldn't go to Disney.

  • 1

    Space Mountain

    I ride this ride as many times as possible. It's pure Disney!