We've all thought it while driving on the roads out there, but now scientists actually say if you're behind the wheel of an expensive car, you are more likely to be a jerk.

It's a statement that makes some sense. I mean nine times out of 10 when someone is being a jerk on the highway, tailgating, weaving in and out of lanes around other cars and such, it is usually a high-end car making those moves.

So, of course, someone had to study it.

According to CNN.com, researchers from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas felt expensive car drivers may feel a sense of superiority on the roads because of their fancy car and therefore be less likely to stop for others, yield to pedestrians and share the road with other drivers.

And they found that for every $1,000 more your car is worth your driving courtesy went down three percent.

So if you were already a rude driver, an expensive car could make you much, much worse.

But it's not just the car making you a worse driver. It seems people with personality traits deemed "bad" are drawn to expensive cars.

The University of Helsinki in Finland found that men who own flashy vehicles are more likely to be "argumentative, stubborn, disagreeable and unempathetic."

But that's not to say all expensive car drivers are bad people. Not at all.

Research also found drivers of high-end cars were much more likely to "take care of themselves and their health and often perform well at work."

I mean, sure, you gotta work hard to earn that car. Right?

No word on which brand of expensive car resulted in the worst drivers, however. That I'd love to know.

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