Sandra Brown isn't hailed as the best romantic suspense writer for nothing! In her latest novel, "Mean Streak", I couldn't tell who was friend or foe. And when I thought that I knew who the potential killer was, I was proved wrong time and time again.

I really enjoyed reading this novel for several reasons. First, Dr. Emory Charbonneau, a pediatrician and marathon runner, is so likable and earnest in her dealings with others, yet she is emotionally distant from those closest to her. In fact, the mysterious man who rescued her on the running trail, called her a  "do-gooder."

Her resiliency under pressure is admirable as demonstrated by her reluctance to drink the water offered by her rescuer after she is knocked unconscious. Emory's mind reels from the ramifications, but she wonders if "this man had some nefarious purpose in mind, what would have been the point of drugging her if she was already unconscious?" As you read this novel, you will find many situations in which Emory's personality traits draw you closer to her.

Second, Emory's mysterious rescuer is a conundrum. Of course, he is good looking but it's the little nuances of his behavior which make him memorable to the reader. "His voice could be very expressive. . . He could whisper, when one would think that a man of his size was incapable of speaking softly. He never failed to fold the dishtowel after using it. When he sat in his recliner to read, he mindlessly stroked the corner of his lips with his thumb, and after adding a log to the grate, he always dusted his hands on the seat of his jeans." All of these things seem mundane but insinuate an intimate quality to the dynamic between Emory and him.

Sandra Brown
Andrew Eccles

Third, Sandra Brown entertains a multifaceted theme of human nature. "How well do we know those closest to us? Do we allow one action whether right or wrong to color the way we live our life now? How can one survive after a betrayal?" These and many other subplots draw the reader into the story and allows us to examine how we would handle this scenario without being the limelight.

Sandra Brown's Mean Streak is one dramatically crafted tale filled with suspenseful plot twists, strong characters, and a little romance that you won't want to miss!