These pictures will blow your mind. I can't believe they're asking less than $500,000 for this home in historic Salem, Massachusetts.

While this might be one of the very best times in history to sell your home, buying is definitely another story. It seems like every home out there that is available to grossly overpriced, inflated sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, or maybe even more.

Things are especially tough for those who are trying to buy their first home. At least if you are selling one home to buy another, you are getting top dollar for your original home that can be put against the balance of the overpriced new home.

Flipping through a real estate magazine these days can give you bigger laughs than comics.

That is, until I stumbled across this home for sale in Salem. I am an avid fan of history, and there is certainly an abundance of history in Salem. That's why I just can't get my head wrapped around the price of this historic Salem home from the 1700s.

This home was built before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1769. You'll feel like a colonist every night when you come home from work. Some of the flooring in the home is that distinctive wide wood plank flooring that can't even be duplicated these days.

The home is relatively small at at little over 1,200 square feet – it's a second-floor condo within the historic building itself – but these people know just how to decorate it. In fact, if I were putting in a bid, I'd float the idea out that they sell the house "as-is" with furniture and all. I'm not sure how they fit all of these things in their house, but everything seems to have just the spot.

The bottom line is there is an extraordinary amount of history in this house to be able to buy into it for $489,000. In my mind, they could get hundreds of thousands more for this rare piece of real estate.

Take a look at these pictures and let us know if you agree that this is the most underpriced home in Massachusetts right now.

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