It looks like romaine lettuce is safe to eat again.

After weeks of uncertainty for romaine lettuce fans, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says none of the romaine lettuce on store shelves is from the Yuma, Arizona area so it's not likely to be contaminated with E-Coli.

The contamination had spread to 32 states before the all-clear was called by the CDC, with over 170 cases of E. coli, 75 hospitalizations and even one death.

Two people from Massachusetts were affected by this contamination, but the numbers never seemed to grow from there.

Although the exact farm source of the contaminated lettuce was never discovered, the CDC says romaine on store shelves is now safe, since the last shipment from Yuma, Arizona went out over a month ago and would have gone bad by now.

The Yuma harvesting season is also over, so before any new romaine leaves the area next time around I'm sure it will be tested and retested.

Illnesses may still appear, since E. coli takes two to three weeks to be reported. But no newly contaminated romaine lettuce should be in stores, homes or restaurants.

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