Snow was a guarantee on Friday, according to every weather map circulating, and when it was time to make the call that every student hopes for, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School understood the assignment.

When it comes to a snow day, why make a phone call when you can make a music video?

Superintendent Aaron Polansky and Assistant Superintendent Jolene Costa decided to get a little creative for the first snow day announcement of the year.

“We were just kind of throwing around some songs to spoof and then we came up with some lyrics,” Polansky said.

Costa, who participates in acting classes outside of school, was able to show off her singing voice, alongside Polansky and Old Colony Principal J. Michael Parker as they performed a parody to Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers.”

“We picked up an iPhone and put a few clips together and put it online,” Polansky said.

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Personally, I’m so glad they did. The music video took about two hours to make, but that video is causing laughter days after the snow day thanks to Twitter.

“I think everyone is going through a lot,” Polansky said. “If we can put some smiles on faces, then that is our goal. We wanted to do something that would keep a smile on people’s faces, and if we can have fun, then the rest is easy.”

Polansky and Costa both admit that they wouldn’t mind showing off their masterpiece to Sheeran himself, either.

“If Ed Sheeran wants to hang out with us in the meantime, so be it,” joked Polansky.

It’s always nice to see people enjoying what they do for a living, but now these two have some pretty high expectations to live up to for future snow days.

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