Braydon Dion is a 7-year-old from Rochester, MA.  In many ways, he's very much like most other seven-year-old kids, but there is a part of Braydon who is very mature and wise for his young age. Braydon has made it his life's goal to help first responders, and eventually, become one himself.

He is the founder of the Kids Southern New England Brotherhood Ride, a bike ride that raises money for kids and families who have lost their family members or loved ones in the line of duty. Braydon, with the help of his family, was able to gather two dozen local kids who would ride through their neighborhood as a way to raise money for the ride. Remarkably, each kid raised over $100 from this event which went directly to the families of fallen first responders.

Braydon's family is full of first responders and he cannot wait to become one himself. As a symbol of his passion for eventually becoming a first responder, Braydon started collecting badges from the fire, police, and EMT departments that he has visited.

"I want to be able to grow my badge and patch collection to honor all of the everyday heroes in towns just like Rochester. I write them each a letter to say thank you for being a hero," he told Fun 107.

While most kids dream of meeting guys like Tom Brady or Post Malone, the family of the fallen Yarmouth Police officer Sean Gannon is at the top of Braydon's list.

Braydon Dion

Braydon wrote into the Rock and Fox Show in the hopes that we would give his ride and organization some publicity. His hope is to grow the organization and help more families.  "Thank you for your time," wrote Braydon. "I listen to your show with my mom every morning. You're the best."

No, young man. YOU are the best!

You can follow Braydon's journey on either Facebook or Instagram.

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