Summer is almost over! Make the most of the time you have left by experiencing a drive-in movie while you still can!

This road trip is hardly a far drive at all. According to Google Maps, The Rustic Tri View Drive In is a 45 minute ride to this outdoor theater from our station located in Fairhaven. At $27 per car load, it is a must on the Silvia family summer bucket list. Where else can a family of 7 (plus significant others) pay less than $30 for a DOUBLE FEATURE? Nowhere, that's where.

Open daily from April to October, this theater features three screens with two films each night, starting at dusk. You channel the FM sound through your car stereo, and there's a concession stand for snacks to complete your movie night.

So whether you're looking for a fun night out with friends:



Or an AWESOME Date:

You really can't go wrong with Rustic Tri View Drive In

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