Got a child who loves watching American Ninja Warrior? Then this is a gym you have to check out!

Kids can train to be warriors with classes at Laid Back Fitness in Warwick, Rhode Island. And it looks awesome!

Laid-back Fitness Facebook page

The gym actually offers ninja-type training for all ages if you yourself have ever wanted to give it a go. And they have ninja events throughout the year as well.

But to me these Junior Ninja Warrior classes are awesome. They give your child a chance to get off the couch and get some exercise doing something super fun and totally different from the typical kids sports.

There's even a mini wall to climb!

Laid-back Fitness Facebook page

And the kids taking the classes really look like they are loving it.

Laid-back Fitness Facebook page

The 8-week course is a great way to burn off some of your child's "extra energy" while helping them build muscles and confidence.

And the gym also offers birthday parties and open gym time for those who just want to check it out before going all in.

Teen ninjas, junior ninjas and adult ninjas will enjoy training at this gym, just down 195 in Warwick, RI.