If you're a bacon lover, there's a new restaurant that has your name... and bacon, written all over it!

The Hangover Pub in Worcester credits itself to being a "gastro pub" which is a pub that specializes in serving high quality food! If you had a long weekend out with your friends this could be the place to cure that hangover that feels like it will never go away. Almost everything on the menu has bacon included in it!

The lunch and dinner menu is full of amazing options but the brunch menu seems to be where you can find something for everybody! They have a full menu including things like strawberry marscapone stuffed french toast, to their brunch ramen.

The Hangover Pub Facebook Page
The Hangover Pub Facebook Page

Even some of the cocktails offered at the restaurant have bacon in them or on them. You can find The Hangover Pub on their Facebook and Website.

#giddyupbacon 😋

Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan

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