As production on Hocus Pocus 2 marches on in Lincoln, Rhode Island, a major blaze is on the horizon.

Disney's Fairy Dust Productions LLC began constructing the Salem-esque "town" on Chase Farms back in September, and now we're being told it's getting ready to be burned down for one of the scenes in the movie.

Good news: this is only partially true.

Starting Monday and ending on Wednesday, Chase Farms will be off-limits to the public as a scheduled control burn is set in place for filming. While a permit was filed with the Department of Environmental Management and approved, it all depends on the weather at this point.

Heavy rain and high winds are dangerous factors to both the set and the surrounding tree line.

"We first heard from Fairy Dust Productions back in early to mid-September when they reached out for permission to have a big controlled burn," DEM Spokesman Michael Healey said. "State law requires DEM to get involved for anything concerning environmental protection and clean air. We want to know what you’re burning before doing it. We don’t want hazardous waste getting into the lungs."

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But then on October 20, one of the DEM specialists visited the filming site to inspect the plans for the burn and had realized it was just going to be a fake fire.

"It’s a big scene and you can’t guarantee you’re going to get it right the first time," Healey explained. "It’s a simulated fire, not a real one. They’re using what they call fire beams or fire bars that are fueled by natural gas."

The camera angle will make it appear as though the houses are actually up in flames. A fire retardant material is being used to protect the sets.

Along with the request for a fire permit, the production team also included the following building materials that were used to build the set:

  • Wood stains
  • Paints
  • Rottenstone powder
  • Primes and resins
  • Plaster and Portland cement
  • Weldo Bond
  • Latex paints
  • 2x4 planks
  • 3/4-inch pllywood

These are just a few examples listed that were used to construct the facades of the "buildings" that make up the town in the film.

Courtesy Laura Buckley
Courtesy Laura Buckley

As for the finished product of Hocus Pocus 2, Healey plans on watching on the final masterpiece.

"A while back, when my grown kids were young, I watched the first one," Healey said. "Now, because I was involved with the environmental legality portion of it, I think I would watch it. I’m curious to see how it looks and I hope it’s been a fun production for them."

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