Our very own Newport, Rhode Island, ended up on a list of the Friendliest Cities in the USA.

Not only that, it comes in second place only to Honolulu.

Talk about two very different cities.

Lists like this one from StudyFinds come around quite often, with varied rankings, so by no means is this all set in stone -- but don't get me wrong. It's exciting to see local owns and cities get nationwide recognition, especially when it's for something positive.

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Both Newport and Honolulu are pretty pricey to call home, which leads me to think that maybe money does buy happiness.

My most recent trip to Newport last summer was definitely a mixed experience. Yes, I'd agree: Newport is beautiful. That said, have you ever tried to find parking during the summer?

Then again, we aren't talking about the best places in the country to find parking. Nope, this list refers to friendliest places for tourists to visit.

The city does have plenty to offer: shopping, tennis, restaurants, history, the Cliff Walk, and lots of yachts. I guess we also can't forget all those mansions and the Navy base we have over there.

The amazing seaside views alone that tourists and residents alike get to take in would put anyone in a good mood but I'm still on the fence on this one. Friendliest? Maybe.

"The residents in this peaceful town are known to be the most welcoming, winning the top spot Booking’s list in 2021," StudyFinds writes.

Newport is a pretty chill place for a night with friends I don't think I have ever had a bad dining experience in Newport.

Shout out to those who live and work in Newport for being friendly and making us Massholes look even worse than we already did.

30 Things To Do in Newport Any Time of Year

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