Summertime is here. What is your go-to beach?

I’m partial to Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island, but Massachusetts is home to some stunning coastlines and beautiful beaches.

It is also home to the country’s first public beach.

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National Park Service
National Park Service

First opened in 1896, Revere Beach in Revere, MA can be found just North of Boston and it has a special place in the history books.

In 1893, Charles Eliiot was tapped to design Revere Beach. According to the National Park Service, Eliiot stated that at Revere, “we must not conceal from visitors the long sweep of the open beach which is the finest thing about the reservation.”

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Rail access introduced in 1875 allowed for easy access to the popular coastline, but Eliot removed all railroads and buildings that impeded the view of the sea.

“To remedy the removal, Eliot’s design included a boulevard along the length of the shore for several new structures,” said the National Park Service.

45,000 people gathered to celebrate the 4.5-mile crescent-shaped beach 128 years ago. Nowadays, the historic beach attracts around 2 million visitors a year.

Located on two T-Stops, the beach has easy access, with three miles of coastline lined with various commercial and residential spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Whether you are a history buff or an avid beachgoer, a trip to Revere Beach is worth the 2-hour car ride.

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