Dear Kelly's Roast Beef,

My name is Michael Rock, and I've hosted the No. 1 radio show on the SouthCoast for more than a decade. I know the SouthCoast, and I know Kelly's. I feel like a matchmaker that has two single friends that would be perfect for each other. I've never been elected to any type of public office, but for the purpose of this letter, please allow me to represent this region.

Growing up north of Boston, I was very familiar with how special Kelly's is. My friends and I were regular customers of Kelly's on Revere Beach. After the prom, we hung out at Kelly's and on the beach. We'd go to Kelly's after a night out in Boston. Nothing tasted as good as Kelly's after a summer's day on the beach or after a fun night at Fenway.

For the past 25 years, I've lived down here on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, and man, have I missed your sandwiches. New Bedford, Fall River, Wareham – these are places that know and love great food. I swear I've said it a million times on the air that the one type of restaurant that has always been missing from this area is a place like Kelly's Roast Beef.

The roast beef sandwiches are just the beginning. I try to tell my friends down here about your lobster rolls. I swear no human can eat that much lobster, but there you are, PACKING in the lobster meat into those signature rolls. I'm not sure how you get your buttered and grilled rolls to taste so darn good, but I could cry thinking about how delicious they are. Oh, and the onion rings could bring you to your knees.

I've tried my best to teach my kids about the superiority of Kelly's, but I'm really only able to do it when I pass through the Boston area.

I can't tell you how excited I was to hear the news that Kelly's plans on an expansion that would include 50 new locations across New England. I beg you to consider putting at least one of those locations somewhere here on the SouthCoast. Providence is nice, but it's still a little too far for some of us.

I can tell you that we won't disappoint you. You will be blown away by the pure passion of the people here. We will make great customers and loyal employees.

I am sincerely offering to be a liaison between Kelly's and the SouthCoast area. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need help finding the right location, or for anything else you might need to make this boy's dream a reality.


The SouthCoast of Massachusetts

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