So I should be shedding some pounds heading toward my wedding, but then came restaurant week.My plan was to really go hard this week and get back on track fitness-wise. I was hoping this would be the spark that lit the fire for the full wedding top-model makeover of B Mo. Then out of the depths of hell came Restaurant Week. Now, only two full days in, I'm zero percent mad.

I've never eaten so good in my life. No, I don't mean fruits and veggies (although I've had some good food). I mean delicious. I'm talking taste here. From Inner Bay Café to Top Shelf Bar and Grille, I have not been upset at all. Not only are the meals delicious, but plentiful. Giant heaping helpings of delectable dishes. I mean, just take a look at the photo. That is quite literally a picture of me just living the best life I could ever possibly live.

The good thing is next week I can get back on track, right? Because this week completely and utterly belongs to SouthCoast Restaurant Week. Hopefully I'll see you guys out there at one of our spots and we can stuff our big ol' mouths together!

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