So after kicking off Restaurant Week at Carmine's, I think I can get used to this. 
Really, think about it though. I'm going to spend a week doing live broadcasts from great restaurants and be fed like a freaking king. This is the dream, people.

Carmine's treated me like a king. I'll never forget how enormous their meatball was! It was just as delicious as it was big. They even hit me with some dessert, which I promptly shoved into my face. My apologies to any and everyone listening to me this week, because I'm going to be spending most of my time talking with my mouth full. I can assure you of that. Sorry, mom.

I'm not going to be the only one winning and eating good, though. We'll have a ton of awesome deals all week at Seize the Deal. So we're making sure EVERYONE is eating good.

There's no better time of year for it, too. Thanksgiving is creeping up fast, so you know all our appetites are ramping up and prepping for the feast. This is going to undoubtedly be the week of a lifetime. I guess I can hold off and the diet will start in two weeks.

In case you couldn't tell, I CAN'T WAIT!


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