A bunch of college kids from Rhode Island came up with the best business idea. EVER.

It’s no secret that adults these days complain a lot of ‘"kids these days" and their inability to lend a hand around the house.

But a group of friends in Little Compton solved that problem with a simple idea: rent young adults to do the work your kids won’t.

Maybe you don’t have kids nearby that you can call, maybe your kids are just too busy to help, or maybe you don't have kids at all, whatever. If you’re lucky enough to live in the RENT SONS service area, you can just pick up a phone and rent a college-age "son" or "daughter" for the day and voila, your weeds are picked, storm door installed, and all that stuff in the basement is finally hauled off to the dump.

With Marie Kondo being all the rage right now, we bet people across the SouthCoast would be hiring "sons" and "daughters" to haul stuff off to donation centers all across town and lugging things up and down attic stairs. Can someone please organize all of the UMass kids and make this real life?

It seems like there is no project that is off the table. They’ll do chores, tasks, errands, shop for you, deliver stuff, pick up stuff, and do your DIY projects (which would then be called Don’t-Do-It-Yourself, right?).

This idea is amazing and obviously popular enough that it can support seven employees.  There’s a chance the founders never grew up on the Babysitter’s Club book series, but we’re pretty inspired to see that "kids these days" are turning side-gigs into real, organized businesses just like Kristy did.

We just wish had thought of it first.



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