It's a tiny price tag for what is literally a tiny house on South Shore Rd in Little Compton. But what the 300 square foot home lacks in space, it makes up for in location. 

This 12x24 building dubbed 'Minnie Mermaid' is super close to the gates of South Shore Beach and could be the perfect way for you to spend summers right by the shore.

With an asking price of just $99,900 it certainly makes a second home by the water affordable.

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Sure, this probably isn't the summer home to buy if you want to fit the whole family.

Minnie Mermaid is basically a rectangle sectioned off into a living room, kitchen and bedroom with an additional 10x12 Trex deck off the front door for dining al fresco and soaking up summer sun.

If you read that last paragraph carefully, you might notice one important room missing.

Yes, Minnie Mermaid has no bathroom.

The property, listed by VonDeck Realty, is part of the Round Meadows Campground, which has several shared bathroom buildings for owners and guests to use when they are staying. Those include toilets and showers, but admittedly not a ton of privacy.

The house does have running water however, so you can cook, wash up or brush your teeth without taking a walk at least.

Water and electric are part of seasonal fees the new owner will have to pay each season and you can only stay at the home during the 'season', which is May-October.

Still getting a second home at the beach for less than a $100,000 is a pretty rare find and could be totally worth it for the right beach bum.

If that might be you, keep scrolling to see the small space you could score by the shore.

Inside the Little Compton Tiny House With Even Tinier Asking Price

Believe it or not, you could own a beach front home in Little Compton for less than $100,000.
Sure, it's a tiny home with one major amenity missing, but it's still a beach front home for less than $100,000.
See inside this rare find below.

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