Fashion in the 1990's was comprised of so many unique things, such as JNCO jeans, snapback hats and of course... the most popular uncool hairstyle, the 'Bowl-Cut.'

I'd be lying if I told you I DIDN'T get made fun of in school because, in all honesty, the haircut made my head look like a giant acorn (amongst other shapes I can't exactly repeat or say). Luckily, the fashion only lasted a few years and quickly faded (hairstyle pun intended, hehe!).

My brother and I both had the same haircut and wore it loud and proud. He even found this vintage video of us back around Easter of 1994-1995 at our old Log Cabin in Westport. Below you can see us running around like maniacs, searching high and low for Easter eggs. I went as far as making a reaction video as I watched my youth blossom in front of my eyes... bowl-cut and all:

Like I said, it wasn't pretty... but it was also the 90's and 'Bowl-Cuts' were very much the trending fashion at the time. Now I know that I wasn't the only one who had this haircut and I thank God every day for that, but I would have skipped over this oddly shaped style if I had things my way. Oh, sweet, sweet nostalgia... those were indeed the good ole' days!

#BowlCut 👦🏻

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