The anniversary of Nelly Eaton's passing is fast approaching, but her presence is felt every single day.

It's been a year since Fall River's most influential young lady, Jenelle 'Nelly' Eaton, was taken from us all too soon. Nelly was a brave and courageous woman who was loved by many. This bitter passing was only the beginning of a great journey in honor of Nelly.

While the Nelly Strong Foundation is still in it's infancy, it has achieved more than most could.  Nelly had left a bucket list for her mom, Laura, to complete on her behalf and the Nelly Strong Foundation is making sure that list is checked off.

One of the biggest nod's to Nelly was "Project Princess". Inspired by Nelly's love for fashion, Project Princess was able to gather 600 prom dresses that were given to girls who couldn't afford the dresses for their junior and senior prom.

Photo Credit from Pray for Nelly Facebook
Photo Credit from Pray for Nelly Facebook

Along with Project Princess, the Nelly Strong Foundation has hosted a Whiffle Ball Tournament to support Next Step Inn; Nelly Strong Day who's proceeds helped families using alternative therapies to fight cancer; Back Pack School Supplies and Free Haircut Day to help Fall River kids get ready for their first day of school and tons of other charitable events!

Nelly has certainly brought the community together and it is clear that with the help of the Nelly Strong Foundation, this is only the beginning.   We can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing foundation. #NellyStrong