Nicole Bourgeois from Rehoboth got the surprise of her life this morning when her cell phone rang at work. On the other end were three familiar voices, telling her some virtually unbelievable news...that she had won $5,000 from Fun 107.

Nicole works as an assistant to the Seekonk Chief of Police. She was at the Seekonk Police station when she received the call from the morning show. Nicole told us she was in such shock when we gave her the good news, that she could not find the words.

Other people who were in the room were questioning the legitimacy of the call.  "With all of the phone scams that were going around, the police captain I was working with was very skeptical," she said. "He completely thought I was being scammed, and was looking out for me."

Nicole explained to her Captain that she had entered the Cash Code contest on that she recognized our voices, so she knew it was true...even though she couldn't wrap her head around the fact that she really had won.  "I just won $500 dollars from Fun 107," Nicole said before correcting herself.  "Wait, I just won five THOUSAND dollars from Fun 107...I can't believe this."

Nicole tells us that she plans to take her 4-year-old daughter for a weekend away to Great Wolf Lodge with some of the winnings.


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