You gotta love it when local police do something so nice for kids that the parents just have to post about it on Facebook.

Social media can be full of negativity most days, so it is awesome to see a positive post about police officers doing amazing things for local kids.

Like this story out of Raynham where two officers helped out some kids being bullied at a town basketball court.

The mom posted about her children calling the police when some high school kids tried to steal their friends bike. (First off, fantastic that they thought to do that and defend their friend)

Though the younger kids kept the older kids from taking the bike, they did snatch their basketball before taking off.

Sounds like the theft happened before the Raynham officers arrived and I'm sure at that point there wasn't much they could do.

But these two weren't deterred and they went out of their way to buy a new basketball and drop it off at the home of the child it was taken from only 20 minutes later.


The mom was thrilled and from the look of the kids' faces, they were too.

photo of kids with basketball
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Nice work Raynham police. Way to make the best of a bad situation.

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