In most SouthCoast neighborhoods, a few houses will be decorated for the holidays. On a couple of streets in Raynham, however, every single house lights up during the season for a magical drive-through experience – and this year they are doing it for a great cause.

When Kaitlyn Sherburne sent us the photo of her Crimson Street and Maple Street neighborhood in Raynham as part of Light Up SouthCoast, we knew there was a story behind the 20 or so houses on her street all lighting up the night. I thought perhaps Kaitlyn was a Christmas elf, taking to her street with string of lights each season, but as she told us, "I can't take credit, it's really a group effort."

That group made a Facebook page for the neighborhood and a few years back decided to all decorate with lights for the holidays.

"Everyone does their own trees and their own lawns," Sherburne said, adding that some go bigger with inflatables, too.

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The result is a single street lit up for all to see, drive through and enjoy. That's exactly what people do year after year. Sherburne said that when everything is aglow, "It's really pretty. Magical to drive through."

Locals must agree, because the neighborhood got so packed with holiday light seekers each year that this season the group chose to use their decoration's popularity for a good cause.

Now when you drive onto Crimson Street, you'll see a scan placard with a QR code that allows you to donate to Boston Children's Hospital before you drive by the lights. Sherburne said they already collected around $300 and hope to have more before the season ends.

You can help the cause and take in the lights with a drive up to Raynham to check out Crimson Street. Sherburne said the neighborhood is lit up every night, though things are definitely busier on the weekends. Lights typically go on by dusk and most are turned off around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. She also mentioned that if the weather gets windy, there are not as many inflatables – something to think about when planning your trip.

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