Who left the cat door wide open is a question that has just got more complicated for a local woman.


According to WFXT-TV, a Massachusetts woman has been attacked by a wild raccoon in her own bed. Hingham police Sgt. Stephen Dearth says the raccoon jumped on the 73-year-old woman's bed yesterday morning and when she tried to pet it, thinking it was her own cat. The raccoon apparently got in through a cat door to a back porch. This is why you need an attack cat.

The woman has non-life threatening injuries to her face and fingers and her cat wasn't hurt. The raccoon was put down and is being tested for rabies. The woman chased the raccoon out of her bedroom, shut the door and called police at about 11 a.m. The officers found the raccoon still in the house, and a state environmental police officer trapped and removed it.


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