Just when you thought you couldn't get enough Pumpkin Spice, things just got weird.

The pet food company Greenies has recently released dental care treats for dogs that are indeed pumpkin spice flavored, supposedly.

Each year that fall approaches and then arrives, it seems to me that more products have been jumping on that "everything pumpkin" train. Last year, there was everything from eggnog, to Hershey's candy bars to even gym pre-workout powder, and now pet products like dog treats.

The question that comes to mind is that of the matter of truth. Do those treats really taste or at least resemble pumpkin spice flavor, and most importantly, do the dogs even know the difference? Sounds more like a company capitalizing on a seasonal craze instead of the well-being of their consumers.

Looking for something to do this fall with your little pup-pup? Greenies have you covered with four ways to Fall in Love with Fall with your fur-baby. Spoiler alert: it's a play on words to get you to buy their pumpkin spice dental care treats. Don't believe me? Read below for yourself:

So, there you go, pumpkin spice has reached the grocery store shelves in the pet aisle, and I couldn't be any more unenthusiastic about it. Let's just say that some things are better left without pumpkin. Enough is enough already!


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