What is one of the most iconic stories to get you into the holiday spirit? A Christmas Carol.

Sure, you could watch Scrooged or the CGI version with Jim Carrey, but I feel the best way to enjoy it is live. But with COVID-19 being an issue, make that as close to "live" as possible.

Rhode Island’s Tony Award-winning theater Trinity Rep has done just that and made it completely free with the help of their sponsors. You can stream it from home now through January 10.

It was a huge undertaking, as according to a press release, "the streaming video includes segments filmed in-person under strict safety guidelines and scenes recorded by actors in their homes, which required shipping cameras, props, and costumes to locations throughout Rhode Island from as far away as California. The video also includes animation and opportunities for audiences to participate in the action from home."

The decision was made to make A Christmas Carol available online because this marks the 43rd consecutive year that the company has produced a version of the holiday classic by Charles Dickens, and they didn't want to have to break that streak. Viewers may register now for free access to unlimited on-demand viewing of the video here.

And although the show is free, Trinity Rep would gladly accept any donations on their page if you are in the giving spirit.

This is an extremely interesting way to entertain locals this holiday, and I’m very excited to see how it all turns out. What an ingenious way to bring on-stage performances into our homes during the pandemic.

More information can be found at trinityrep.com/carol and you can also call (401) 351-4242.

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