The incredibly popular Providence to Newport ferry service returns for its fourth season next week and will now also include a stop in Bristol.

Seastreak's ferries to Newport will be back in business starting Friday, May 24 and this year they'll also stop in Bristol on the weekends.

If you've ever tried to find parking in Providence or Newport then you know why this ferry service is so darn popular.

It's so much easier and nicer to take a leisurely ferry ride to either city, then walk around to take in the sites and shops than sit in traffic and drive in circles to leave your car somewhere.

It's no wonder the daily rides tend to sell out, especially on the weekends, and the India Point departure area has become home to a weekend farmer's market it gets so busy down there.

And now even more people can enjoy this method of summer transportation.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation says a new Bristol stop will be added to the weekend routes along with special ferries running for the Bristol Fourth of July parade and on WaterFire nights in Providence.

Obviously, they hope this will boost the local economy while reducing traffic and motor vehicle emissions, but for me, it means a way to actually see the famous Bristol parade.

I grew up in Rhode Island and have never been to this parade because the traffic is always so crazy.

Maybe this ferry will mean I can finally see it!

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