When Hocus Pocus 2 is filming down the street from your bakery, you just have to make Hocus Pocus cupcakes. At least that must be what the bakers at La Salle Bakery on Admiral Street thought when they heard a film set was coming to the neighborhood.

The six-pack of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes they created are top notch, too. While most bakers just make the frosting look the each Sanderson sister's hair, La Salle Bakery has taken things one step further and put the sister's faces and their spell book right on top of their tasty treats. The results look delicious.

I love how they even added the moles to the witches' faces. I just don't love how long it took me to find out about them. Seems La Salle Bakery has been offering these movie-themed cupcakes all month long and this weekend is your last chance to score a batch this season.

Maybe even get them for a Hocus Pocus movie night while more rain comes through on Saturday night. I'm sure there is no wrong time to eat a Hocus Pocus cupcake.

With the Disney+ sequel currently filming at Chase Farm in Lincoln and La Salle Academy in Providence, you've got to wonder if the actual Sanderson sisters have had the opportunity to eat their cupcake likenesses? If I were working on the movie set I'm pretty sure I'd want to order a bunch of these for the cast and crew. For now, however, my plan is to order a six-pack for my personal crew before they disappear for another year.

See How the

Sets are going up at Chase Farm in Lincoln, Rhode Island for the filming of Hocus Pocus 2, although filming is still a few weeks away from the looks of things. Check out where the Sanderson sisters will soon roam.

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