With our Fun 107 Bridal Show coming up, it got me thinking about all the weddings I was a part of this past season, and how many brides decided to do the whole garter and bouquet custom.

According to my memory, only about 30% decided to do it. Years ago EVERYONE did it. It can be fun at times, and it usually provides some good pictures to look at later on. However, in a lot of cases, it ends up turning into something uncomfortable for the people involved, and then it becomes awkward very rapidly.

My advice for brides to be is this. if you invite lots of people and your reception is on a weekend, then chances are its going to be a big party with lots of dancing going on. Skip the garter and bouquet and let people party on. If you have a smaller crowd and your reception is in the afternoon or on a Sunday, then sure, why not!

The Fun 107 Bridal Show is coming up January 27. Get all the details here.

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