A new proposal by local state rep Bill Strauss could help keep Southcoast kids safe at the bus stop.

According to Fox 25 in Boston, the bill would give cities and towns the authority to put video cameras on the arms of school buses to catch people who don’t stop and ignore the law.

This is BillBill was in a hurry Bill decided to operate his vehicle within 100 feet from a school busBill decided to pass that School Bus in a no passing zone (double solid line)Bill is not smartBill was identified and is getting a ticketDon't be like Bill

Posted by Freetown Police Department on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lately, there has been an ongoing problem with cars running through school buses stop signs (see video above from Freetown Police) Providence has been using these cameras...at no cost...for the past 7 years.  The company that provides them gets a cut of the citations that are sent out to drivers who ignore the stop sign on the buses.  Local schools, the city and the state would split the rest of the revenue from the tickets.  Organizers of the Providence program insist that it is not meant to be a money maker...it is meant to keep the kids safe.

Even though there has been a rash of problems wit

Strauss admits that the idea has been met with luke warm enthusiasm.

Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron