Today at 2:18 P.M., all of America received an alert from President Trump. The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent this out as a first test that will let America know what to do in the event of an actual national crisis.

In reality, President Trump cannot send out these national alerts as he does with his Twitter messages.  The message will not be sent out by the President, himself, but rather by a member of the staff from FEMA who will be authorized by the president to do so. The alerts will only be sent out in serious emergencies, and we will not be able to turn them off on our phones.


As a warm-up procedure to today's text blast, the President decided to send us some texts here at Fun 107.  He was listening on our Fun 107 app this morning and decided to call in. He was blowing up our phones, and sending us pictures of the fluffernutter he made last night.

Hopefully, the system will be an efficient way to get national news out to Americans. When there is a national emergency, the alert will send out general information about the emergency as well as information on how to stay safe.

The test alert was successfully sent today at 2:18 P.M.

President Trump Attends Congressional Medal Of Honor Society Reception
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