It's been a rough week here in the United States, and all indications are that it is going to get rougher before it gets easier.

That's why we need to all make sure to laugh when we can at the silly little things that can make the difficult times a little easier.

A good example of this happened last night just before President Trump delivered his speech about the government's plan to fight the coronavirus.

As the techs for the president's speech were getting the microphones and cameras ready, one of his staff members noticed that he had accidentally written on the cuff of his white dress shirt, leaving a small pen mark.

The president, realizing that they were just minutes away from the live television hit, dropped a frustrated F-bomb.

"Uh, oh," said the president. "I've got a pen mark. Anybody have any white...any white stuff?" The president seemingly was searching for the words White Out. I've got to say, I could relate. During times of stress, I have been known to occasionally have a sailor's mouth, and my Swiss-cheesed brain often searches for words that just aren't there.

The staffers attempted to convince the president that the pen mark won't be visible on television during his address.

"Mr. President, we're ready for a mic check," said one of the techs.

"Do you see it?" asked the president. "Which side is it on here?"

"It's on the right side," said the aid.

"Mr. President, can you count to 10, please," asked the tech.

The president counted to 10, and delivered his speech.

The hot mic moment was reminiscent of Ronald Reagan joking before one of his speeches that we'd begin bombing Russia in five minutes. Not surprisingly, it was a joke that the Russians didn't find funny. No sense of humor, I guess.

It also reminded me of President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass. The hot mic caught the president days after the MTV Video Music Awards incident with Taylor Swift.

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