Tomorrow, September 5, is National Cheese Pizza Day. Tell me this isn't one of the best holidays ever. It has to be at least top five, right up there with Christmas, New Year's, you name it.

The real question, though, is where will everyone on the SouthCoast be celebrating? There are so many options, and I'm sure you all have your favorite spots. Here are some of ours:

1. Pa Raffa's. Arguably, perhaps the undisputed king of pizza on the SouthCoast, the one and only Pa Raffa's on Acushnet Ave in New Bedford is an absolute classic and you can't go wrong. And Charlie Hunnam and the Jungleland crew should be cleared out by tomorrow.

2. Fay's Restaurant. Located in Dartmouth, the ratings speak for themselves: 170 reviews on Google with an average 4.2 rating. If you're thinking of dining in, feel free, because inside of this place is gorgeous.

3. Ray's Pizza. Some say there may be no better place to take out a pizza and surprise the family. It will surely bring endless pats on the back for you.

4. Ma Raffa's. The classic. Just know Ma will take care of your pizza needs.

5. Put on the oven mitts (and probably the Food Network or your laptop 😂). If you cook like me, and potentially should have the fire department on call when you mess something up, just go out. But if you're pretty confident in yourself, find a great recipe and go for it! Sometimes there's just nothing better home cooking.

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