When it comes to some of the best Portuguese food in the world, you don't have to go too far if you're on the SouthCoast.

Every now and then, I'll stumble across an interesting online article, meme, or image that makes me say, "Hmm." Today was one of those days as I read about the 50 Best-Rated Sandwiches in the World, according to a company called Taste Atlas. From Germany to France, and even here in the United States, there were quite a few sandwiches I'd never even heard of before, but one of them stood out among the rest and it comes from Portugal.

I'm talking about the Portuguese bifana sandwich, a staple at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford. That said, I'm shocked it's not ranked higher.

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The bifana sandwich comes in at No. 25 out of 50. The American cheesesteak and Reuben sandwich outrank it at 21 and 20 on the list, but there's one more staple Portuguese sandwich that takes the 15th spot and that's the Prego or beef sandwich. It's popular in Lisbon and a delicacy around New Bedford and Fall River.

Back to the bifana, the real star here. For those living under a rock, a bifana sandwich is a spiced and marinated piece of pork that simmers in a broth before it gets grilled and then placed between two fresh papo secos. Toss a few hot red peppers on top and maybe a squirt or two of dijon mustard (to each their own) and sink your teeth into one of the most savory sandwiches your tastebuds will encounter.

Considering the fact that the world contains a cornucopia of delicious sandwiches from various nations, I suppose taking 25th place is a respectable rank, but I'd have it in the top 10.

There's only one thing to do here, and that's to give all 50 sandwiches a try and see how they match up.

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