We all know that the SouthCoast is king when it comes to Portuguese food, and believe me, I've had it all.

A staple menu item that speaks volumes within the Portuguese community is the famous Mozambique sauce. What you decided to add to the mix is up to you; it all tastes delicious. From chicken to shrimp, it's a delicacy of the gods brought forth to the SouthCoast community to become a legendary dish.

You can put Mozambique on pretty much anything, I find myself saying every time the sauce connects with my tastebuds.

I've had it creamy and I've had it as a broth, and I've even coated chourico and eggs with it. There's no denying that I've savored a pork Alentejana dish or two that's complemented with delicious Mozambique topping, and that's when a lightbulb spawned in my head: is there such thing as "Portuguese pork chops?"

As the chops finished their defrost, I began working my magic. With a little help, I had a creamy bowl of Mozambique sauce that I added a little brown sugar to for a spicy and sweet combination that'll rock your socks.

Coated with gluten-free crumbs and smothered with the sauce, I baked the chops at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Once the timer sounded, I added a little more sauce, flipped the chops over, and dressed them with yet again with more sauce and baked them for another 15 minutes.

The outcome was far better than I had dreamed and went well with a little broccoli and cheddar casserole and some garlic cauliflower-based mashed potatoes.

I have yet to find a restaurant with this menu item, but would highly recommend that if you're a local owner or a chef to jump on board with it. Pork chops can sometimes dry up if cooked improperly, but with a little Mozambique sauce, it's a whole new world of moist pork and deliciousness.

That, my friends, is a guarantee I can hang my carapuça on. If you know, you know.

Know any places that offer this? Shoot me an email at Gazelle@Fun107.com and I'll be more than happy to try it out for myself.

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