I don't know a winter without snow. I've lived in New England my entire life, with the exception of my four years in the incredibly snowy Syracuse, New York.

It's crazy to think, but it took a southerner from Louisiana to tip me off about a life hack that I'd never seen before. As we all know, the south got hit with some unprecedented temperatures last week.

When I first saw that one of my friends that lives relatively close to New Orleans was posting about how a pool noodle could help prevent your car from freezing, I was beyond skeptical. How could a southern guy know a winter weather trick that a Yankee had never heard of? But it was true.

The trick is to dig out some of the pool noodles that you are definitely not using right now. Cut the noodles into segments that are roughly the length of your windshield wiper. I'm not sure why I look so intense in this photo. It's not like I'm dropping a transmission into my car.

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Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

The bottom line is that the foam of the pool noodle will prevent the wiper from freezing to your windshield. I think it's pretty well documented that I am a pretty handy person around the house, so I thought I'd share my technical skills with the Fun 107 audience.

Here's a helpful video to show you how to use the noodles to save your wipers:

Most New Englanders would recommend lifting the wipers up off of your windshield in anticipation of the storm. Interestingly enough, I just read an article last month from the AAA Car Doctor that warned against doing this.

Another alternative suggestion from AAA is to put a blanket over the windshield of your car, weighing it down with bricks. Bricks? That doesn't sound like a good combination with a paint job, but what do I know?

I'm more inclined to give the noodle solution a try the next time it snows.

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