They call it Ponyhenge, otherwise known as Massachusetts' only toy pony graveyard. You read that right. Visiting this place in Lincoln, just west of Boston, is a memorable experience, to say the least.

People who've been there have a lot to say.

"Good vibes," someone wrote in a Google review. "Maybe haunted."

We're intrigued.

I don't think the beloved toy pony that sat in front of Dartmouth's now-closed Big Value Outlet ended up here but hundreds of others have. Ponyhenge has become a low-key New England tourist attraction. Here, you'll find hundreds of little rocking horses (or ponies), each carrying a letter to share where it came from.

Graham Gibbs
Graham Gibbs

The best part is that some of those who have made the trip have been moved enough by the experience to pen reviews and all are pretty darn good.

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What could you possibly say about this random collection of creaky rocking horses in a field? We collected some of the most interesting reviews that were left. Check them out below. Maybe you'll decide to make the trip if only for some Instagram-worthy pictures. Hey, it likely wouldn't be the first time you've gone out of your way to get the perfect shot.

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