Even if you've lived in Massachusetts all your life, you may have never heard of the Rocking Horse Graveyard in Lincoln, MA. 

Only a short hour and 10 minute drive from the Southcoast, there is quite possibly one of the most eerie graveyards in the state.

According to OnlyInYourState, the "graveyard" cropped up sometime around 2010 but no one really knows who started it or who keeps adding to the herd. People who have visited multiples times claim that the arrangement and number of horses is different every time they go. "Ponyhenge" even gets decorated with lights in the winter!

Some reports from the Boston Globe say that it all started with a lemonade stand that was on the vacant farmland, but even those who live near by can't say for sure what started the ghostly carousel of abandoned ponies.

Creepy, right?

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