A horse walks into a Walmart. No, this isn't the setup to a bad joke, it is something that actually happened at the Walmart in Plymouth last weekend.

Perhaps the big guy was trying to get started on some holiday shopping? Or maybe his owner is just fed up with the price of gas and decided to run his errands the old fashioned way.

Whatever the reason, a real live horse was caught on video inside the main entrance of the Walmart Supercenter at Colony Place Sunday afternoon.

It looks to me like the other shoppers loved it. Most people appear to be smiling and getting an unexpected kick out of seeing the horse and riders just hanging out. A few ladies even stopped to possibly pet the gentle giant. Too bad we can't see any kid reactions to a live horse at the store.

Clearly he was ridden there, with the saddle, rope and even a small bag for bringing a few things home. Hey, if you live close enough and can get to the store safely on your horse, why the heck not? It seems like a fun, less expensive way to travel to me.

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Was the store as excited as its shoppers were to see a horse show up on an errand run? No, no it was not. We called the Plymouth Walmart to ask about their four-hoofed shopper and were told by employees that the horse was not allowed inside the store. In fact, when the owner tried, he was escorted out to the entranceway, where we see them in the video.

So as fun as it might be to ride your horse to Walmart, it is apparently not actually a good way to get any shopping done.

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