The father of a Plymouth teen saved from icy waters by an unidentified Good Samaritan is hoping to find and thank the helpful stranger.

A 15-year-old Plymouth boy fell through thin ice into the freezing, cold waters of Little Sandy Pond in Plymouth on Tuesday, but was saved by a stranger.

Boston 25 News reports that Caleb Seamans and a friend were walking across the pond as a short cut to the store when Caleb fell through the thin ice.

Caleb spent a bone-chilling 20 minutes keeping his head above water as his friend tried to flag down help.

Luckily a man passing by in a truck noticed the boy in trouble.

Caleb's father told Boston 25 that the mystery man in the truck got a wooden pallet out to Caleb and pulled him to safety. He then let the teen warm up in his truck until paramedics arrived on the scene.

He must have left as soon as help got there however, because the Seamans family has no idea who the man is. They do hope to have the opportunity to meet him however, so they can thank him for saving their son's life.

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