Do Plymouth Public Schools charge students to have a locker?

That was the question that had online users scratching their heads when a disgruntled parent took to Facebook to air out a complaint on a popular Facebook group.

“$15 to get a locker at a public high school?!” said the parent.

Comments flooded in, with one user simply asking, “What?” A common question to a rather unusual school policy.

“(I have) a freshman (and I) just learned this,” replied the parent.

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Opinions on the post ranged from understanding to solutions to downright mad.

Several parents argued that there was no longer a need for lockers since students just carry around their Chromebooks (a much lighter load than years past.)

But what about sports equipment, jackets, or other personal belongings?

“What’s next, $25 hall passes?!” wrote one user.

Personally, I found this policy strange, so I did some digging into the validity of the claim.

After a quick call to the Plymouth Public Schools Administration, I was quickly transferred to Plymouth North High School. I got the feeling I wasn’t the first person to call about it.

I spoke with a representative from the High School, who assured me that the accusation was absolutely false.

“It’s a made-up story, we absolutely do not charge our students to use our lockers,” the person said.

I got the feeling I wasn’t the first person to call about it.

To me, this was a relief. Students and their families are already expected to purchase plenty of other items for school. $15 sounds minuscule, but a locker should be a student’s right, and Plymouth North seemingly agrees.

While that rumor has been cleared, a question still remains.

What was that parent charged for?

I was unable to connect with the parent, so hopefully, there was a misunderstanding, and he wasn’t duped out of $15.

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